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Re: Name for our program?

On Thu, Jan 27, 2000 at 09:43:09PM -0500, Joyce Poon wrote:
> Heh heh.  My sister once suggested Taggy-Bear (fierce tag robot by day,
> cuddly companion by night).  

The moniker is catchy, I'll admit...

> Animals are cool (Lynx, Cat, Lions, Panthers, felines).
How about famous animals.  "Aslan" (perhaps a little pretentious, but
anyways).  Also by CS Lewis, "Screwtape".  In the _Screwtape Letters_,
Wormwood is the name of an apprentice devil and Screwtape is the name
of his uncle devil whom he writes letters to asking for advice with
his patient (a human he is trying to mislead).  How about "Ruby
Slippers", named after the slippers from the Wizard of Oz.  Toto...I
don't think we're in Kansas anymore.

> Roman names are cool. Aurelius - Caesar - Cornelius - Stultus (= stupid in
> latin).  Constantine.  Pollux! (that's the name of the parrot in my grade
> 9 latin text)

Pollux and Stultus bear some attraction.

How about "Pox", as in "I wish a pox on you and your family."

> Body parts are cool too.  Appendage, limbs, hands, phalanges. 


We don't need to be complicated.  UoT has a highly succesful
fundraising campaign entitled simply "The Campaign".

The Tagplayer
The Robot
The Beast
The Thing

> Millenium Falcon.  Eigenvalues.  Eigen (what does eigen mean in german)?  

"characteristic".  Eg. "The Eigen Robot" ==> "The Characteristic

There may be other possible translations.

When you want to give someone a compliment in German, you might say
something like "s/he has an iron head" or "s/he has a hard head".  Perhaps
"The Iron Robot" where ``iron'' is appropriately translated into

The Armchair Anarchist

Ooh.  How about "Professor Falcon".  I really like that one.  You need
to have seen the relevant movie.  It's a classic; many people have.

> Meghana suggests (again) ENIAC-bot.

Meghana backwards is Anahgem.

How about a recursive acronym?  I can't think of any good ones at the
moment, though...

> What do you think of the name "Xenical"? (it means something)

What does it mean?

> Tobor. (that's robot backwards)
> I want a palindrome.  I also want the letter X.  I am too exhausted right
> now.

We could call our robot "X^2", pronounced "Chi squared".  I like that

> TIMBOTS (NOT timbits, i said timBOTS)
> -linx, logique,rambling, abdelrehman,wes,free assosciation, free,
> ,,,,,,,,,reptilius, bismarck, seinfeld, KRAMER, TIM's rule, gluon, and so
Morpheus.  Of Matrix fame.  There is something to be said for a robot
named Gluon.

> do NOT reply at mukerji@ecf.utoronto.ca (i WON'T be checking regularly)
> i am NOT siging off

Hehe.  Normally I would interpret this as a request, but anyways...

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