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Re: Name for our program?

On Thu, 27 Jan 2000, Tim Vanderhoek wrote:

> I need a name for the computer program being used to control the
> robot.  Now that real programming work is getting under way, I will
> fast go tired of writing "the program" or "the robot control program".
> So.  This should tie-in with a name for the robot overall.
> Suggestions?

Heh heh.  My sister once suggested Taggy-Bear (fierce tag robot by day,
cuddly companion by night).  

Meghana (the frosh of electrical tape infamy) suggests the name
"Smart-Ass" inspired by a certain member of our group (NOT TIM).(NEVER

Animals are cool (Lynx, Cat, Lions, Panthers, felines).

Roman names are cool. Aurelius - Caesar - Cornelius - Stultus (= stupid in
latin).  Constantine.  Pollux! (that's the name of the parrot in my grade
9 latin text)

Greeks are cool too. 

Body parts are cool too.  Appendage, limbs, hands, phalanges. 

Millenium Falcon.  Eigenvalues.  Eigen (what does eigen mean in german)?  

German names are cool too. 

Meghana suggests (again) ENIAC-bot.

What do you think of the name "Xenical"? (it means something)

Tobor. (that's robot backwards)

I want a palindrome.  I also want the letter X.  I am too exhausted right
now.  Meghana will take over for me at this pt.  I take no responsibility
for what may follow.


ok timothy, I'm thinking fembot (a la Austin P)
TIMBOTS (NOT timbits, i said timBOTS)
-linx, logique,rambling, abdelrehman,wes,free assosciation, free,
,,,,,,,,,reptilius, bismarck, seinfeld, KRAMER, TIM's rule, gluon, and so
on and so on.....

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i am NOT siging off
(this is not my nme)

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