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Re: Name for our program?

> Animals are cool (Lynx, Cat, Lions, Panthers, felines).

Hee hee, maybe I should have checked all my e-mail before replying.  Sorry
Joyce, I have to disagree.  I do not think any robot can glide as
gracefully as an animal...except maybe for a human with really bad
coordination.  =)

> Roman names are cool. Aurelius - Caesar - Cornelius - Stultus (= stupid in
> latin).  Constantine.  Pollux! (that's the name of the parrot in my grade
> 9 latin text)

> Greeks are cool too. 

They're pretty much the same.  Too much Greek and Roman!!!!  Ahhhh!!!
Actually, I like Greek and Roman names; perhaps just a tad too many of
them in my mythology class.  =)

> Millenium Falcon.  Eigenvalues.  Eigen (what does eigen mean in german)?  

Hee hee...Eigen does sound cool.

By the way, is it a "he" or a "she"??