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Re: Name for our program?

> Themes, perhaps?  Maybe a name for each subsystem, following some
> theme?  Nature?  Abstract?  Concrete?  Manmade?  Fictional?  Work with
> me here.  :)

See, the whole space thing is just way overdone.  If we have to come up
with a name, it better be cool.

> [And yes, I know, Cindy probably doesn't feel like naming the robot at
>  this particular moment...<sigh>...work with me anyways...  :-) ]

Yes, I'm having problems naming it at the moment.

And why not Le Petit Prince?  Well, okay, are we going for a fierce robot?
ie:  Bronze or brains?  =)  Don't want a pile of mush though.  And no
animal theme please!

Cindy  =)