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Name for our program?

I need a name for the computer program being used to control the
robot.  Now that real programming work is getting under way, I will
fast go tired of writing "the program" or "the robot control program".

So.  This should tie-in with a name for the robot overall.


Themes, perhaps?  Maybe a name for each subsystem, following some
theme?  Nature?  Abstract?  Concrete?  Manmade?  Fictional?  Work with
me here.  :)

For the purposes of our robot, I tend to prefer theme + fictional +
concrete.  I almost suggested a theme following _Le Petit Prince_, but
decided against suggesting such.  Fantasy, a-la Tolkien, makes for far
better themes.  Or, how about a _Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy_ motif
or some such?  I've always wanted an excuse for reading that series.

Work with me here.  :-)

[And yes, I know, Cindy probably doesn't feel like naming the robot at
 this particular moment...<sigh>...work with me anyways...  :-) ]

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