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Re: Monday

On Mon, Jan 17, 2000 at 09:03:34PM -0500, Cindy Wong wrote:

Joyce and I also agreed the purpose was explicitly not to embarass
anyone.  The main purposes were 1) if someone is having problems with
something, make sure we know that, 2) aid integration by keeping
everyone "in the know", (and so we all finish ~same time), 3) help the
poster evaluate if their goals were realistic.  These purposes are
listed in no particular order.

> Anyway, I'll go to a bicycle store to check out their training wheel
> selection tomorrow or Wednesday.  What kind of budget did you guys have in
> mind for wheels?

In either the += assignment or the final webpage, I intend to state
the I believe it is possible to build a tag robot for < $100.  I am
reconciled to the fact that we will not build a tag robot for < $100...  
The guide we've been using 'till now for purchases has been simple: if
you can make do with something cheaper, then do so (eg. not using ZIF
sockets for the 6502 board [*] (or not using a 6811 board for that
matter)), but if something more expensive is necessary or has
significant advantages, then buy it (eg. the db9 pairs we bought for
the comp --- technically they're not absolutely necessary but for $5 they
do make it much easier to take the comp board in and out of the robot
at random will).

I don't think we can evaluate every purchase as a group --- that's too
time consuming.  Besides, it's your subsystem, and 8 times out of 10,
you know what is required and not required for it better than anyone
else.  Your call.

You could fashion your own wheels...

How well the wheel grips the floor is probably the most important
criterion for wheels...

[*] Most other groups seem to have decided differently on this matter.  :)
    It's clear they are not yet capable of making engineering decisions.  :)

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