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Re: Monday

Here is what I accomplished today:
	I built and tested the H-bridge circuit (motor control circuit).
It seems to work for 5V power supply for the motors & it actually makes
the motor go forward/backward.  I tried to hook up the motor power supply
to one a 9V battery (I have a couple of lantern batteries) but without
much success. In fact, the motor doesn't even turn when I hook the
battery directly to the motor. The batteries are old so maybe they can't
supply as much power (?? did that even make sense??) ooo... the radio is
playing a jazzed up version of Sesame street... neat... anyway, my pt is
pls make sure that whatever batteries we use will be able to power the

My take on wheels & money matters:
	I don't really care how much you spend.  I trust your good
judgement.  Moreover, when it comes to school stuff, I don't really mind
spending whatever amt necessary.  I don't care whether we end up with an
expensive robot or a cheap one as long as it works and performs well.  

	As far as the wheels are concerned, having a decent grip will be
important since I don't currently have a motor current sensor circuit
planned (ie I don't want the wheels to spin around without the comp
recognizing that we are not going anywhere).  I know Tim will
probably argue (or interject or add) that the prog will figure it out and
we won't really slip anyway, but I thought you might want to keep this in
mind when you decide on the wheels.

	I wonder if places like Ikea will have the wheels we want (that
place has a lot weird stuff).

Joyce :)