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Infrared sensors

If you need to buy parts for sensors via mail order, now may be a good
time to think about it.  The 6811 groups are getting ready to place
an order with mcmelectronics.com in "the next day or two".  The
www.mcmelectronics.com does not appear to have a full catalogue
online --- only listing what their "original semiconductor specials",
but I'm fairly certain they have a much larger array of semiconductor
chips available (nobody sells just 10 different chips! :).

Here's a message I got from Jon McIntosh.  I replied in the negative
to his query, so if there is something you want from mcmelectronics,
you'll need to tell him soon (or at least ask him to wait a day) since
he's now under the impression we need nothing from mcmelectronics.com.

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Hello Tim.

I was told (by Amanda) that there are a few groups who are interested in
buying NVRAM for the HC11 and that I should contact you to see if
these groups are going to be ordering the part together to save on
shipping.  If there's any truth to this, please get back to me ASAP
because I think I'm going to order mine in the next day or two.

If you didn't already know, the part can apparently be ordered from
mcmelectronics.com, although they don't have a catalogue online and I
don't have all of the required order info.  They also have a phone number,
1-800-543-4330, that's open until nine.

Thanks and L8R


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