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Re: Monday

What I've accomplished (this is a little embarassing I have to admit):

I've got 8 pieces of threaded rods very nicely cut.  These will be support
rods that run from the lower platform to just the bottom of the receiver

Actually, I went to Canadian Tire today along with a hobby store.
Canadian Tire training wheels looked promising, but they only had one
choice from Fisher Price =) that were $20.  The hobby store had some of
similar size but more cushiony (?) and they were about the same price,
maybe a little more.  The smaller ones they had were about $10 for a pair.
The wheels at the hobby store had axle holes that were quite small.  I
hope that wouldn't be a problem.  The Fisher Price ones had nuts and
screws with it (it's like a whole kit for the incompetent).

Anyway, I'll go to a bicycle store to check out their training wheel
selection tomorrow or Wednesday.  What kind of budget did you guys have in
mind for wheels?