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Re: Design-Free Design Email

On Tue, Jan 11, 2000 at 08:39:42PM -0500, Joyce Poon wrote:
> picking the absolute WORST physics lab (I am now convinced that
> Antimirova is not very competent), the 15 or so new emails cheered me up.

Those of us in the know like to refer to her as "Tatayana", not
Antimrova.  :)

> beacon.  However, I didn't want to mention the true purpose of our radio
> signals (as there were others present), so I wonder whether I should send
> an email and actually tell him what we are thinking of.

You may have better luck if you go to see him in person rather than
via email.  I suspect he is getting a lot of email from our class and
you may get a better answer if you have his full attention.

> There is also a couple of other things that we should discuss.  I'll write
> other emails for that to keep the email threads pertinent.


> PS why will Tim become the king of the world in 2027?  

My birthday is on the 27th of some month.  2027 is a prime number.
In year 2027 I will be 47 turning 48 years old.  47 is a prime
number.  48 ( = 3*2*2*2*2 ) is a very non-prime number.  The nearest
perfect number is 28.  48, the age I will be turning in 2027, minus
28, the nearest perfect number, is 20, the age I am now!  Now, take
48 and subtract its factors (48 - 11) and you get another prime.
Thus, 2027 will be the prime year for me to turn what I am now into
something which is a prime number plus a perfect number!!  The only
conclusion is that year 2027 is the year I will be crowned king!!!


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