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Re: Design-Free Design Email

On Tue, Jan 11, 2000 at 04:20:40PM -0500, Cindy Wong wrote:
> Okay King Tim, Thursday sounds good.  I didn't realize we had three hours
> on Thursday.  Actually, I didn't realize we only have 1 hour tomorrow!
> Doh!  I should have gone to the physics lecture today prior to thermo.

Actually, I meant we have three hours free on Thursday, between 219
and 202.  I didn't realize we had only 1 hour tomorrow.  Doh squared!  I
should have gone to the physics lecture today prior to thermo...

> Good point.  Maybe we should have voiced our desire of proposals back over
> working lab stations!

Heh.  We would have been overwhelmed by the ignorant masses who are
too frightened to set-up the machines themselves.  There were probably
no more than 5 people in the room who agreed with us.

> Oh, and let's not forget our electives!  I'm rather behind on my readings.
> So, which one did you end up choosing Tim?

I'm taking Faith and Fanatacism on Wednesdays from 3:00 to 5:00.  The
time is really a nuisance since once again tomorrow I will have to
choose between Malone's lecture and the humanities.  I'm not sure what
to do.  Option talks will also prove to be an inconvenience later.  <sigh>

Do your readings.  :)

> Yes, how are you guys going to keep your table of contents?  Sometimes I
> just scribble ideas down and thus by subject would see stupid.  By date?

Mine is electronic.  I have a log file that states what I've done on a
given day.  The log file then references other files as necessary.
For example, if on day X I investigate how to use the modula-3
language for the 6502, I write in the log file a single sentence and
refer to the file "modula.txt".  The file modula.txt would then
contain all the information that I uncovered, or any thoughts on using

[My electronic log is availble in the shared directory].

A table of contents doesn't really make sense for me either.  I'm
trying to write one for my labbook (which is fairly empty).  I'll then
write a MANIFEST (*) for the other text files I've written.  For the
log, I'll probably just group it by weeks (or some multiple of a week)
and write a file stating "during week #XX, the log describes my
activies in these areas: A, B, C".

> Since we are keeping all the receipts, I propose that we write down who
> paid for the purchase at the back (including how much if the cost was
> shared) and do a run down of the cost at the end.  One person could keep

Not all monetary expenses carry receipts.  I lean towards creating a
text file listing "name, date, purpose, $$$, date".  We can then tally
that at the end of the year and work it out.  I agree it would be
better to give one person all of the receipts.  I am not the person to
do this, since I will lose them.  :-)

> By the way, were we supposed to do a rough estimate of costs for our
> proposal?  Oops.

We did.  We said it would be reasonably priced, perhaps even lowly
priced.  Besides, I didn't see instructions telling us to make such
an estimation (although one could argue the instructions were implied :).

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