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IR Detectors (Int & Comp)

I saw the specs for the OP505 today.  Everybody agreed that savvysearch 
didn't work very well -- this guy looked it up thru altavista.  The
detection angle is indeed 18deg for the full angle.  Blind spots may be a
serious problem.  I'm going to look for the spec sheets myself soon (I was
told about some part finder website).  You may have to somehow account for
blindspots, Tim.

I also found out that another grp wants to do PWM for IR input to the
comp.  However, they couldn't find the nec circuitry.  I thought I had
seen the circuit req in the manual, but I was wrong.  Do you think it is
possible to do PWM for IR input? (also keep our comp clk count & speed of
6502 in mind)

One more bit of info (possibly useless): we can safely assume that the
room for the competition is windowless (Malone said so).

Lastly, I have to learn how to solder.  I think you (Tim) have to do some
soldering to assemble the 6502 board.  Is it possible for me to do some of
the soldering for your board so that I can learn how to solder?  This
might be a better way to proceed with things on Thurs rather than
"wasting" another lab day.


Joyce :)