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Re: Design-Free Design Email

Hi guys,

I believe I've been a Cindy for the last 24hrs (ie I didn't check my
email...).  Ooo... better improve my email count... or the email threads
will look bad... I must admit though, after having a not-so-great day and
picking the absolute WORST physics lab (I am now convinced that
Antimirova is not very competent), the 15 or so new emails cheered me up.

Lunch on Thurs is good.

I dutifully attended the interface lecture today, and I believe that some
interface people will be paying a visit to Active Electronics (@ Vic Park
& Steeles) soon.  It may be a good idea for me/us to either go with them
(if possible) or go some other time.

Issue #2: I asked Malone about radio signals today.  He thinks it's a bad
idea (he did some calc and showed that we need to generate a 1Ghz
signals).  Moreover, he said that radio waves bounce off walls.  I 
think that he thinks that we are thinking of using radio for our
beacon.  However, I didn't want to mention the true purpose of our radio
signals (as there were others present), so I wonder whether I should send
an email and actually tell him what we are thinking of.

There is also a couple of other things that we should discuss.  I'll write
other emails for that to keep the email threads pertinent.

Notes from the interface lecture are available for viewing if desired.

I forgot to bring the diagrams to class today.  Stupid Joyce.  I had all
of them sorted out too!  They too will be available for pickup.

Physics @ 9 is g8t!  Don't complain!  What better way is there to jump
start your day?!  (That was meant to be Doh! cubed -- oh well, 9 o'clock
is like sleeping-in anyway these days.)

See you all later.

Joyce :)

PS why will Tim become the king of the world in 2027?