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Design Friday

Hello Timmy & Cindy, (it rhymes!)

While I was showering, I decided that Friday will be a good time to visit
Active Electronics & all the electronics store in that area (Malone lists
a number of them in the manual).  After careful consideration (in the
shower), I have arrived at the following possible plans of action:

Situation A: Joyce goes alone

In this case, after physics (circa 10am), I'll go home via the TTC
probably, and my parents will pick me up (and Cindy too if you want & drop
you off at your home) and take me to those stores.  

Situation B: the whole group goes

variation 1:
In this case, after physics (circa 10am), we'll all go to Finch via the
TTC, where my parent(s) will pick all of us up and drive us all to the
stores (if you don't mind).  (darn it! design hasn't even started and
you'll meet my parents already....)  When we are done, Cindy gets dropped
off at her house, and if Tim & I are lucky, we'll get a ride down to New.

variation 2: (assumes that Cindy has a license, is a good driver and  has
a car)
After physics, we go to Finch.  My parents drive us to Cindy's place,
where Cindy will drive us around (if she's nice, she can conveniently drop
us off at a subway stn for a safe and quick return to New)!  


I have deliberately ruled out taking the TTC to all those electronics
stores because that will take WAY too long (ie not a good use of time).
Moreover, I have ruled out the option that I drive, because I haven't
driven since summer and I would hate to get into an accident (ahem...).  I
trust that Cindy is a good driver and will not mind having her at the
wheel (my parents might have to OK this first though).

Possible Problems:

I haven't told my parents about this, and I don't know if they are
available (but I'm pretty sure they'll be).  The most flexible plans are
probably A and B2, but the most ideal trip to those stores should probably
involve the whole grp.  I don't know whether my parents will mind acting
as chauffeurs for the day either.  

Tell me what you think of the plans.  It would be nice if I could check
with my parents sooner if we need their help.  I guess similar plans can
be implemented for Saturday, although the shops may open later and close
earlier (& I don't know when I have to go to the Cannonball for band).

The final ta-ta for the night?

Joyce :)