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Re: Webpages? #1: mech + elec pages...

On Fri, Nov 19, 1999 at 02:35:54PM -0500, Tim Vanderhoek wrote:
> is a lot of information here.  Interesting pages include one labelled
> "A very simple motor controller" (http://www.4qd.co.uk/ccts/pwm.html)

As I read further along the "A very simple motor controller", I see
that it is labelled as "illustrat[ing] some of the things not to do!".  :-)

Joyce: As I read further, it suggests an althernative method of motor
control...instead of varying voltage applied to the motor, vary the
frequency of pulses applied to the motor.  Essentially, the motor will
coast while pulses are off and be powered while they are on.  To go at
full speed, you would essentially stop pulsing and keep the motor
connected to the voltage full-time.

I don't know if this is easier/harder than changing the controlling
voltage.  Note that you can't feed much more than 30V through most
opamps, I believe.

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