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Re: Webpages? #1: mech + elec pages...

Some webpages of interest (pertaining to robotics mainly): 

	contains a bunch of links to robotics institutions/hobby groups
etc.  a good starting point to browse around. 

	gotta love MIT.  Anyway, here's a page of links to some
semiconductor companies and electronics companies. 

	an index of robotics resources (look under hardware and software?) 

	a tutorial on step motors! with links to other info on motors. 

Here's a book that the MIT robotics chair recommends: 
	Mobile Robots: Inspiration to Implementation
	Joseph Jones and Anita Flynn
	A K Peters, Wellesley, MA

Here's a page dedicated to books on robotics: 

I didn't really look at everything in detail.  Now even surfing is school
oriented... sigh... can't even waste time on the net. 

Joyce :)