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Re: Plans for Lab Feb. 10, 2000

On Tue, Feb 08, 2000 at 06:27:37PM -0500, Tim Vanderhoek wrote:
> weeks ago, or that I was promised the first one, my plans are simple:
> make the modification, test the modification, download the monitor

Unfortunately, since Malone had to leave early, I did not even get to
the second item on the above list.  I will be going to the lab on
Monday to finish this list off.  I will probably be there in the
morning for an hour or two, leave & eat lunch, then go back.  There
are also a couple things outlined in a private email to Joyce that I
want to try with the sensors.  I need some response from you, Joyce...

I was planning to finish Qubit on this weekend, but I just realized
there are some algorithms in my lab book that I need.  I will probably
finish it by Wednesday.

Assuming the monitor program works on Monday and that I can get a hold
of a small junk computer, I can cook-up any useful test programs in
very short time.  Cindy, you need to state when you expect to have a
functional base with motors and with the wheels that the opto-switches

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