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Plans for Lab Feb. 10, 2000

It looks like it's my turn to be the first to post my Thursday lab
plans.  :-)

On Tue, Feb 08, 2000 at 01:18:51PM -0500, malone@aerospace.utoronto.ca wrote:
> This mail was sent through a new mailing list to 6502 groups only.
> The first two groups to make a carrier for the processor socket
> now have fully functional computers using WDC chips.  If I have

Well, never minding that Malone promised me he would be doing this 3
weeks ago, or that I was promised the first one, my plans are simple:
make the modification, test the modification, download the monitor
program, burn onto eprom, test monitor program.

I do not expect that this will leave me time to help either of you.

We should also talk Wednesday about making sure the notebooks are
ready to be marked.  Joyce has requested a disk with relevant email
archives.  I imagine Cindy wants the same.  Tim just wants a disk.  :)

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