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Re: Sensor circuit

Hi Tim,

Sorry for not replying.  I didn't (want to) check my email for the last
couple of days.

On Fri, 11 Feb 2000, Tim Vanderhoek wrote:

> I was just looking over the circuits that have been stolen from the
> design manual.  Our sensor circuit uses the full wave rectifier from
> page 146, fig. 6.73, right?  


> noise!  I think we should try using some bigger (perhaps much bigger)
> resistors in the rectifier.

I really just want to solder this up and move on.  the range we have now
is good enough.  If the range is super long, we could  pick up
signals that origninate from outside the play area (ie another grp may
have their beacon on when they are not in competition).  

> [I seem to remember the peak rectifier getting digital input, but I
>  can't remember you adding a digitizer anywhere in the circuit...
>  Arg.  This must be my imagination?]

Yes this is your imagination.

> I'd like to have a chat with you over the weekend sometime.

I will be soldering after lunch today.  I am behind as it is.  I REALLY
want to just get this part over with, add the relays, finish the
optoswitches and microswitches.  I have a nasty feeling that my motor
circuit will not drive the motors....  I also want to try doing some
simple integration by the end of the week. I hope a meeting with you will
not cause my workload to suddenly triple or cause me to fall further
behind schedule.

Joyce :)