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Reading Week and Debug

Reading Week,  Debug Designweb  

Reading Week:
     Unfortunately, I left your petitions at the University.
The lab will be open at 08:30am Monday Feb14 and will close
at 16:30.  I will check over the petitions then and e-mail
further hours.  

Please help me Debug the Designweb:
     So far a few people have said "it doesn't work" which really
doesn't tell me too much.  I would like you to each try clicking once
on the reading week survey, particularly if you have had problems in
the past:


Please click the survey just once.  It is important you click the survey 
just once.  This will help discover if the program is somehow reading
a single click more than once.  The designweb should respond
with "accepted".  You then hit back, wait for it to load and then hit
reload/refresh.  If you see anything other than the number you clicked
incremented, please start an e-mail to me:

a) Did it say something other than "accepted"?  If so, paste the 
   contents of the screen into the e-mail to me.
   Please tell me which box you clicked, the time etc, so I can 
   trace it in the logs.  Please tell me what type of connection 
   you have, modem, cable modem, what web browser and version you 
   are using and what your OS is: win95/98/2000, Mac, Unix?

b) Did it say accepted but the number not increment?  Please tell
   me the box you clicked and the time.  Please try some of these
   i) change the page address to:
      and see if the number is incremented.  If so tell me, if not,
      tell me and try the other.

   ii) close your browser and re-open it and view the page again.
      If the page is not incremented, please include that in the 

If you get the "accepted" page, there is no way that the page was not
incremented --- it cannot show you the accepted page until it has
successfully made it through the increment code.  If you see the 
accepted page but the page does not appear incremented, I have to 
suspect it is your browser being reluctant to actually fetch the 
new page, thinking it could not possibly have changed.

If you do not get the "accepted" page, there may have been an error.
I need to know anything your browser did say.             

Thank you for your assistance.

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M.J. Malone,  Assistant Professor
University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies
4925 Dufferin St., Toronto, Ontario, M3H 5T6
Email Address: malone@aerospace.utoronto.ca     **** Email is best!
UTIAS Office: rm 183, phone: (416) 667-7942
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