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Re: Mon. Feb. 7

On Mon, 7 Feb 2000, Tim Vanderhoek wrote:

> I also helped Joyce do some testing with the sensor circuit.  Neither
> of us really know what can be done to improve things further.  Right
> now 2m looks like the maximum range, and even that leaves very nasty
> blind spots.  Our sensor range may be a restriction.

It's better than 2m!  Hey hey hey.  I say it's probably somewhere around
3m.  But the signal really sucks.  :(  I think jacking up the emitting
frequency should improve things....  I'll leave stuff as is for now.

Things I did this lab period:
	- the amp/filter stages of the sensor circuit are OK.  I think
it's time to leave them alone.
	- full wave rectifier is OK
	- peak rectifier/digital output - not OK yet
	- Tim tested the reed relays, they seem to be good
I did tasks a to c as set out in my last email. Woohoo.

Too tired for thermo,
Joyce :)