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To use A/D or not to use A/D

This message concerns primarily Joyce.

An A/D converter is hardly necessary when in attack mode.  It could be
potentially useful in the face of strange sensor malfunctions, but
let's not consider that.

When in defend mode, an A/D converter is a little more useful.  If
Qubit knows that he can sense the enemy at a certain distance but that
the enemy is moving away from Zeta, then Qubit will do itself a favour
by not reacting. If Qubit knows that he can sense the enemy within
half-a-foot of Zeta, then he knows to run like h*ll, even if it means
running into a wall (since if the enemy gets within a half-foot of us,
a tag is imminent no matter what we do and the best we can hope for is
to delay it by a couple milliseconds).

Thus, let me make a proposal that addresses the latter advantage of an
A/D converter, although not the former.

There will be two pins of input to the computer from the sensors.  One
pin will correspond simply to: "enemy detected".  The other pin will
correspond to: "enemy detected, tag imminent, run like h*ll!".

Signature withheld by request of author.