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TAs and DesignWeb


Pending the approval of the tentative agreement, the TAs will be
returning this Wednesday and Thursday to meet and become familiar
with the groups.  I will be continuing marking this week, the TAs
will take over weekly marking next week.  

Monday and Tuesday TAs THIS WEEK ONLY:

For THIS WEEK ONLY the Monday and Tuesday TAs will be coming
on Wednesday or Thursday to meet the groups.  Wednesday and Thursday
TAs will be in on their normal days this week.  Here is what I know
so far:

Langley   Wednesday
Ng        Wednesday 3-4pm only
Wells     Thursday
Pavacic   Wednesday
Earon     (no answer at present)

Groups 2 and 3 have M/T primary and secondary, everyone else will
be able to meet some TAs.


With the TA strike unknown on the weekend, I spent some time
making the design web more accessible.  Please visit the course
web page again: http://www.aerospace.utoronto.ca/aer201s/
(you may have to hit reload) and you will see the new Design Web
jump table.  From here you may click to the 10 most recent 
entries.  The design web is a page structure that allows remote
users to add content on pages and create sub-pages in a tree 
bounded only by disk space.  It may now be accessed from outside
the ECF.  There is an options discussion area (option chairs have
been informed so they may answer questions) and a survey of
interest in the options.

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