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Re: Thursday, Jan 27

> BTW, I think I may have made a mistake on the capacitor connections on the
> motor.  Cindy, pls bring the motor tomorrow & I will fix it.  As well,

No prob.  I don't plan to hog it.  =)

> Cindy, I know most people are using toothed gears -- we don't have to do
> what they are doing.  Belts are fine... (yes... Joyce finally succumbs to
> the belt).  Moreover, I don't understand why people are using plastic
> gears.  Just keep in mind that plastic cracks easily & wears out rather
> quickly.  I worry about how the joint b/w the gear & the shaft will wear
> out or fatigue.

Don't worry.  Even if I were to use toothed gears, I'd search for the
metal ones.  I don't know if it was in my dreams, but I swear I saw them
somewhere - now I just have to retrace my path.  =P  Yes, I've been
dreaming about design too...so sad.