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Re: Monday

On Sun, Jan 16, 2000 at 08:48:34AM -0500, Cindy Wong wrote:
> Tuesday morning.  I also went to Home Depot.  Unlike what Joyce thought,
> they have NOTHING!  I asked them about ball bearings and they looked at me
> funny.

They're probably George Brown graduates.  Did you try asking about
little shiny things that roll and look vaguely like UFOs?  They might
have understood if you had done that.  ;-)

Anyways.  That's unfortunate.

[Looking at the Table 7. timeline].

Okay, how about the power supply?  Have you made any decisions about
that?  Do you plan to purchase something from Active (and/or company)
or elsewhere?

I seem to remember having a conversation with Joyce where we agreed it
would be a good idea to state what we planned to accomplish during
each given lab period.  (Do I remember right, Joyce?)  Here are my

 I'm going to write a demo.c file that will essentially just test the
 6502 board.  As yet, I don't know if the board actually works, so my
 goal is essentially to demonstrate that it does.  :)

 There is a "monitor" program for the 6502 that is vaguely similar
 to the monitor program for the 68ks from ece253.  If I have time
 I'll also try making that work (requires buying a parallel cable
 to connect w/ the computer - ~$10 (?) - but worth each penny since
 it will allow us to download code into the 6502 board without
 using lab equipment --- ie. just download code into the board from
 my own computer at res --- tres useful).  To fully make use of the
 monitor we may, at a later date, want to buy a second sram chip at $6.50,
 but that is not certain, yet.

 Paragraph A must be finished even if it takes part of Thursday's lab.
 Paragraph B will not extend into Thursday's lab unless I already have
 the items listed on my time-schedule finished.

Okay.  Your turn, Joyce.  :)  A working H-Bridge would be useful for

> Sorry for the bad news.  I'm not a happy camper.  =(

[Looking at your time-schedule again].

Maybe it will be possible for you to build either the "platform for
interface, computer, peg to sit on" or "support shelf for computer and
peg" this week instead of Jan 24 and Jan 31 respectively?

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