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Bad bad news


I've got bad news.  Apparently, the plastic supply stores aren't open on
weekends.  I hope to be able to pursuade a friend to drive me there
Tuesday morning.  I also went to Home Depot.  Unlike what Joyce thought,
they have NOTHING!  I asked them about ball bearings and they looked at me
funny.  So, no wheels from Home Depot, no gears from Home Depot and no
ball bearings from Home Depot.  I bought some nuts and bolts, some foam
tubes and some threaded metal rods that I can start cutting.  However, I
hope to go to Active Surplus before our Monday lab to get some wheels (the
ones with the metal threads in the middle, which I don't know if have been
sold yet).

Sorry for the bad news.  I'm not a happy camper.  =(