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Re: Design-Free Design Email

> How about Thursday in time for our upcoming Primary Lab Activity Period
> (hereby known as our "PLAP" :).  That would give us three hours from
> 219 to 202 minus time actually spent eating or doing crossword
> puzzles . . . <ahem>  ;-)

Okay King Tim, Thursday sounds good.  I didn't realize we had three hours
on Thursday.  Actually, I didn't realize we only have 1 hour tomorrow!
Doh!  I should have gone to the physics lecture today prior to thermo.

> Here's a brief list of things I think should be discussed (either then
> or between here and then):
> 	- copies of schedule, whatever, any parts of formal proposal
> 	  we should each keep handy for reference.  As it is, I
> 	  have no parts of the formal proposal available for
> 	  reference.  :(

Good point.  Maybe we should have voiced our desire of proposals back over
working lab stations!

> 	- Just remind everyone not to fall too far behind in
> 	  202/219/281 even though it's very tempting without any TAs.
> 	  This applies mostly to me.  :)

Oh, and let's not forget our electives!  I'm rather behind on my readings.
So, which one did you end up choosing Tim?

> 	- Remind people to keep their labbooks up-to-date

Yes, how are you guys going to keep your table of contents?  Sometimes I
just scribble ideas down and thus by subject would see stupid.  By date?

> 	- Decide on a formal method for tracking who spends what money
> 	  for the 'bot.

Since we are keeping all the receipts, I propose that we write down who
paid for the purchase at the back (including how much if the cost was
shared) and do a run down of the cost at the end.  One person could keep
all the receipts (which would be more organized - I prefer this) or we
could just gather all the receipts at the end.

By the way, were we supposed to do a rough estimate of costs for our
proposal?  Oops.