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Re: Design-Free Design Email

On Tue, Jan 11, 2000 at 02:22:56PM -0500, Cindy Wong wrote:
> > "Let's do lunch."
> Great idea!  When?  Where?  How about Friday?

How about Thursday in time for our upcoming Primary Lab Activity Period
(hereby known as our "PLAP" :).  That would give us three hours from
219 to 202 minus time actually spent eating or doing crossword
puzzles . . . <ahem>  ;-)

Here's a brief list of things I think should be discussed (either then
or between here and then):

	- copies of schedule, whatever, any parts of formal proposal
	  we should each keep handy for reference.  As it is, I
	  have no parts of the formal proposal available for
	  reference.  :(

	- Okay, you wanted to know what the computer does...very well... :)

	- Just remind everyone not to fall too far behind in
	  202/219/281 even though it's very tempting without any TAs.
	  This applies mostly to me.  :)

	- I'd like to review someone's notes from the interface
	  lecture.  On the same note (no pun intended), I've now
	  read the 6522 datasheet fairly carefully and Joyce and
	  I should review our plans in light of that.  Not much
	  changes, but a couple of new options are opened.

	- Remind people to keep their labbooks up-to-date

	- Decide on a formal method for tracking who spends what money
	  for the 'bot.

	- Discuss whether we want a formal method for keeping everyone
	  in synch during the four weeks designated for individual
	  subsystem construction.

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