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Re: Last points


Resolution it is then... not sensitivity (although one can argue that they
may very well be the same thing... Tim is thinking "NO!" right now... 
but anyway... let's not get into that).

I need to do some calculations on the number of sensors & emitters req'd.
Cindy, what is the dimension of our robot approx?  Esp the level where
detectors will be mounted?  What number should I estimate?  If you don't
know the dimensions of all the levels, tell me the bottom dimension & I
shall estimate. Another q: What do you think the sizes of the enemy will
be? The platform size is 45cm max.  Do you think most groups will be below
this dimension by a lot or not by much?  I am right now estimating a
platform size of circa 36cm wide (ie diameter).  But I'll soon set up some
spread sheets to calculate values for a whole bunch of values.

Tim, I think I might have to take a look at your electronics catalogue
tonight to see the specs for the emitters/detectors.

Thanks for your help. 

Joyce :)