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Re: Last points

> I need to do some calculations on the number of sensors & emitters req'd.
> Cindy, what is the dimension of our robot approx?  Esp the level where
> detectors will be mounted?  What number should I estimate?  If you don't

No Joyce, YOU tell me what you need!  If you want to fit 6, I'll make it
fit!  =)

> know the dimensions of all the levels, tell me the bottom dimension & I
> shall estimate. Another q: What do you think the sizes of the enemy will
> be? The platform size is 45cm max.  Do you think most groups will be below
> this dimension by a lot or not by much?  I am right now estimating a
> platform size of circa 36cm wide (ie diameter).  But I'll soon set up some
> spread sheets to calculate values for a whole bunch of values.

I was estimating around the diameter of 40cm just to be on the safe side.
However, it might be good to estimate less (around 36cm) just in case we
find really thick, fat foam tubing!

And just so you guys know, I have a pretty clear idea of how the robot
will look like.  The only thing I'm trying to fit in right now so that
it's structurally strong and aesthetically pleasing are the receiving