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Jan 3rd Admin Stuff

Happy millennium everyone!

It struck me that school starts in 2 days, and I thought now might be a
good time to coordinate all the stuff we need for our meeting with Malone
on Monday so we may be done quickly.

I'm just going down the list that he sent us.

A) Physics notebook
I am lacking one.  I have been looking for one this holiday but without
success (Office Depot doesn't exactly carry physics notebooks).  Have you
guys bought yours yet?  Is it really imperative that I have mine on

B) Lecture notebook
I don't have one either...

C) Pen
No problem.

D) Notes made before/over Christmas
Should we print out our emails? Or should we make some sort of summary for
each email thread? I am afraid that if we don't bring any notes (or bring
too few notes), Malone will pull something really bad on us (ie we are
not prepared blah blah blah). If we bring too much, he will also do
something really bad to us (ie you are not suppose to work over the
holidays blah blah blah).

E) Bring complete timetable
This is slightly off-topic, but do your timetables have any conflicts?  I
think the new time slots for Fluids conflict with physics (& my artsy
course -- grrr).  Which class are you going to on Monday?

F) $20 each for Ref Manual

G) $40 per group for purchase-advance account
How do you want to split this?  Since I am already paying for the
equipment kit, maybe you guys can each give me $13 and I will pay Malone

H) $50 deposit for equipment kit
I will pay for that since the $$ should "most aptly" come from the
interface person.

I) Safety glasses & Impact goggles for EM person
Do you have safety glasses, Cindy?  I think I have a pair from Chem last
year if you need one.  I don't have impact goggles though.

J) Snack
hmm... yummy... (a la Homer)

When do the meetings start on Mon? (12 noon?)

Check the above list and make sure that I didn't omit anything.  I don't
want to be stuck in the aero lab till midnight. ;)

Joyce :)

PS MLA style is not a set of rules written by a single person.  It's the
commonly accepted academic style for artsies!  Using the MLA style book is
no different from looking stuff up on the OED. :)