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Re: Jan 3rd Admin Stuff

On Sat, Jan 01, 2000 at 11:27:14AM -0500, Joyce Poon wrote:
> A) Physics notebook
> I am lacking one.  I have been looking for one this holiday but without

Bookstore might be open Monday.  Engineering Stores might be open.

> D) Notes made before/over Christmas
> Should we print out our emails? Or should we make some sort of summary for
> each email thread?

-rw-------  1 tim  tim  371435 Jan  2 02:02 /home/tim/mail/aer201

The mail archive is currently at 370KB.  That's > one-third of a meg.
Do you really want to print all that?  ;-)

>                    I am afraid that if we don't bring any notes (or bring
> too few notes), Malone will pull something really bad on us (ie we are
> not prepared blah blah blah).

No, I don't think he can do that.  His only stated expectation was:
"Review notes made during first proposal."

I won't worry about it too much.

FWIW, I am coming back to res on Sunday, sometime between 7:00 and late
Sunday (provided that it's open during those hours ....  I'd better
check...  :-).

> Check the above list and make sure that I didn't omit anything.  I don't
> want to be stuck in the aero lab till midnight. ;)

Hmm....  :-)

> PS MLA style is not a set of rules written by a single person.  It's the
> commonly accepted academic style for artsies!  Using the MLA style book is
> no different from looking stuff up on the OED. :)

MLA style is a set of rules.  MLA style is not the accepted code
academic style for Artsies; it is the accepted academic code for a
subset of Artsies.  Moreover, this is somewhat of a red-herring,
Joyce.  Shame.  a) The MLA is directed towards research papers, not
common usage.  b) The MLA usage is, in practice, closer to the usage
of quotation marks that I was advocating than it is close to the usage
of quotation marks that you were advocating --- MLA has the period outside
of quote marks, which I where _I told you_ to put it (at least for the
specific case in question).

You are also twisting my words (perhaps inadvertantly), Joyce.  In the
original email my statement -- that the OED is now endorsing logical
quotes -- was an attempt to appeal to what I recognized as your need for an
authoritative structured environment, rather than an attempt to appeal
to logic or common sense.  It should be clear from my follow-up that I
in general never endorse prescriptive linguistics.

[And don't bother trying to point-out some supposed logical
 inconsistency in the last sentence of each para...I maintain my right
 to fight fire with fire.]

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