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Re: Jan 3rd Admin Stuff


> D) Notes made before/over Christmas
> Should we print out our emails? Or should we make some sort of summary for
> each email thread? I am afraid that if we don't bring any notes (or bring
> too few notes), Malone will pull something really bad on us (ie we are
> not prepared blah blah blah). If we bring too much, he will also do
> something really bad to us (ie you are not suppose to work over the
> holidays blah blah blah).

Stupid me, when we print our e-mails, is there a way to print it out
directly?  How?  Or do we have to save the messages first?

> E) Bring complete timetable
> This is slightly off-topic, but do your timetables have any conflicts?  I
> think the new time slots for Fluids conflict with physics (& my artsy
> course -- grrr).  Which class are you going to on Monday?

I don't know either.  Should we go to the Fluid Mechanics one first?  Did
you guys notice that with the new changes, we have an 8 o'clock class on
Friday?  Of course, for Tim, that wouldn't matter.  =)

> I) Safety glasses & Impact goggles for EM person
> Do you have safety glasses, Cindy?  I think I have a pair from Chem last

I have a pair from Chem last year.  Thanks Joyce.


P.S. - Happy New Year!