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Re: Sol'n to Speed Feedback?

On Wed, Dec 29, 1999 at 11:45:27AM -0500, Joyce Poon wrote:
> Here's another potentially good website (I am too lazy to download
> ghostview and the contents look similar to the prev website from Rice)

Don't bother downloading ghostview just yet...  :)  I get 404 "Not
found" whenver I try to access any of the course notes beyond the main
index page.

> and since I have forgotten how to access shared files (that's what
> weblinks.html is, right?), I'll just post this website here...

Yes.  It's in the directory aer201/.  If you check the old email,
the first message with the title "Updates to the aer201/ shared
directory".  In short:

To edit the file: either a) "cd ~/aer201", run your favourite editor on
                             the file, and read the instructions
                      or b) email me and tell me to edit the file...  :-)

Of those two, b) is probably the easier...  :-)

Hmm....  Accessing it from home is probably a little harder for you than
for me...  You can use lynx over ssh...  That's probably easiest, then
cut'n'paste any interesting links to Netscape.  Or, you can run
"wwwinit" and copy it to your public_html directory.  Hm.  Think of
something...apply your creativity.  :-)

Would it be worthwhile for you if I added a process to copy the file
into my public_html directory periodically?  You could then simply go
to some url, eg. http://www.ecf.toronto.edu/~vanderh/aer201.html.

Most of the stuff in the file you probably have bookmarked anyways...

It just makes it easier when moving between different computers or
when trying to share links.

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