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Re: Dropping marker signals?

On Tue, Dec 28, 1999 at 07:13:40PM -0500, Tim Vanderhoek wrote:
> > problem).  V=D/T. If our robot runs on a clock (which I think it will),
> > then we know the time.  To find distance, I guess we can keep track of the
> Yes, a clock is very likely to be necessary.  If one doesn't come
> onboard with the boards they give us, then it would probably need to
> be added.

Just to finish that thought: afaik, the 6502 does not have a builtin
timer.  For the 6502 boards Malone supplies, the CPU functions off a
2MHz clock that is scaled down to 1MHz.  Presumably there is enough
leeway that this same clock could again be scaled down by more
circuitry and also used as a source of interrupts.

[clock = thing that pulses, timer = thing that counts pulses and does
 something after counting X pulses]

FWIW, by comparison, the 68HC11 has a programmable onboard timer running
off whatever clock is supplied.

Incidentally, most 6811 processors also have an 8 bit A/D converter

This is relevent for Joyce since it may or may not come into play
depending on we decide to communicate information to the software.

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