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Re: Sol'n to Speed Feedback?

On Wed, Dec 29, 1999 at 01:02:11AM -0500, Joyce Poon wrote:
> stuff like power system, motor circuits as well as comp stuff like comp
> boards and such & programming).  Please have a look at this website: 
> 	http://www-brazos.rice.edu/elec201/book.html

Ooooh.  That is a good site.  I've added it to weblinks.html on your

> > What exactly do you mean 
> > when you say "Hall sensors cost less than $3 each"? 
> Well, Hall sensors are listed in my electronics catalog for about $1 to $3
> each. 

Hehe.  I guessed that part.  :)

> > [Normally I would look this kind of stuff up myself, but at the moment
> >  I'm a little busy reading Malone's jun^H^H^Hwriting and with a couple
> >  FreeBSD bugreports I should have dealt with months ago].  
> Y2K no doubt... ;) 

I handled all the Y2K ones that were my responsibility before
September.  :)

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