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Re: Updates to the aer201/ shared directory

Hi Tim,

Enjoy your holidays... don't spend your whole Christmas in front of your

For Cindy & Tim:

I have tried this new email thread thing.  It doesn't work on SSH, but it
does work on Telnet (it's probably due to different levels of security).
In fact, if you use SSH, it locks you off immediately if you try to access
the shared directory. However, the layout is a little screwed up.
Sometimes you can't read the first letter of the menu items (presumably
the caps).  I have a vague idea of  how the thing works after playing with
it for a little while (I have yet to read the proper help files).  I guess
all this mail thread could come in handy someday nonetheless.

I don't know how they count the 12 days of christmas.  But have either 2
turtle doves or 10 lords a-leaping.

Joyce :)