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Updates to the aer201/ shared directory

mutt ------------------

I have installed a proper threading mail-reader.  That should make it
infinitely easier to read old messages from aer201/ or, for that
matter, possibly to read your own messages in your inbox, depending
on how many messages and conversations you keep going at once.

You probably won't like it too much unless you know how to use it and
you probably won't want to learn how to use it...  Anyways...  If you
run the command "~/aer201/readmail" after logging-into skule (ie. log
into skule from the sparks before running it) it'll start the mail
reader up so that it is reading the archives.  I don't know how well
it'll work from Windows (let me know if you try), but if you do it on
an xterm at skule it should work fine.  It'll create the file ~/.muttrc
with some defaults that supposedly give mutt keybindings similar to
Pine's keybindings.  You probably won't be able to see colour unless I
can get a colour xterm working or unless you happen to install an OS
(like mine) that supports colour terminals (unlike Windows).

You can read the manual for mutt in the file
~vanderh/mutt-manual.txt.  The command "less ~vanderh/mutt-manual.txt"
is one way to read the manual.  Most sections of the manual are

weblinks -------------

The webpages are no longer stored in emails.  :)  I've put (almost)
all of the webpages that we accumulated in the thread entitled
"Webpages" into the aer201/weblinks.html file.  Simply run "lynx
aer201/weblinks.html" or "netscape aer201/weblinks.html" to view the
file.  When you find another link that strikes you as being generally
useful, edit the weblinks.html file.  At the top of the weblinks.html
file are some short instructions explaining how to edit the file.
If you really want, I could theoretically add the entry for you...

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