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[tenenba@ecf.utoronto.ca: Re: K&R ?]

I hope everyone else is doing appropriate scouting to see what enemy
groups are up to.  :-)

It may also be worthwhile to do some investigation into the
Thistle-biSmith group, too.  :)

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Date: Wed, 22 Dec 1999 23:42:25 -0500 (EST)
From: Adam Tenenbaum <tenenba@ecf.utoronto.ca>
To: Tim Vanderhoek <vanderh@ecf.utoronto.ca>
Subject: Re: K&R ?
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On Wed, 22 Dec 1999, Tim Vanderhoek wrote:

> Heh.  The C compiler for the 6502 doesn't accept K&R-style
> declarations.  Defeated.

Good thing my group is planning on using the 68HC11 :>

 Adam Tenenbaum
 EngSci 0T2

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