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Re: Preparation for Proposal?

On Fri, Nov 19, 1999 at 03:24:43PM -0500, malone@aerospace.utoronto.ca wrote:
> possibly as simple as "hope this doesn't happen or we will probably 
> get tagged."  In doing this you will better appreciate the advantages 
> and  disadvantages of choices in other parts of the design.  Finally,
> one particular exercise I have been going through with all of the

This is mostly what we were looking for.  Thanks for the quick

> Arrive as early as you can without skipping class, because people are 
> beginning to realize there is no way to approve everyone in the 
> hours that are left, and there will be an ugly stampede.  

Stampedes are just opportunities for the physically stronger to secure
a position near the front of the line.  I am not in principle opposed
to stampedes.


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