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Webpages? #1: mech + elec pages...

Here's the webpage I mentioned earlier today when we met.  It has a
lot of semi-useful information about motors, as well as links to a lot
of sample electronic circuits.  Beware: many of these circuits use
transistors and transistors can be a little fickle.  I don't consider
this a huge problem if we're careful about using them correctly.  In
general the information seems to be of reasonably good quality.  There
is a lot of information here.  Interesting pages include one labelled
"A very simple motor controller" (http://www.4qd.co.uk/ccts/pwm.html)
and another that begins witht the phrase "We get quite of enquiries
from would be contestants for Robot Wars who don't know where to start
building their robot" (http://www.4qd.co.uk/robot/start.html).

There are also listed two electronic circuits labelled "Ultrasonic
transmitter" and "Ultrasonic receiver", respectively.

Summary: There's a lot of information here that discusses both
         mechanical and electronic (sensor/interface) issues related
         to our robot.


As a side-note, there are a lot of electronic circuit schematics
available on the Internet.  They are of varying quality, in general.

Cindy & Joyce: my idea here is that we can create a _short_ catalogue
of any webpages that are especially useful to the group in general.
Whenever one of use finds a page that we feel obligated to share with
the rest of the group, reply to this specific message with a short
summary of the page (my summary was rather long... :) and the url.  Be
sure to reply to this specific message rather than starting a new
message --- that way threaded email readers can put all of the
webpages into on group to make it easy to find whatever url you are
looking for.  Sound reasonable?

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