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Re: Tag-playing strategies [was: Re: Preparation for Proposal?]

On Sun, Nov 21, 1999 at 01:37:14PM -0500, Tim Vanderhoek wrote:
> 6) If we run into a barricade, we shall not use our standard algorithm
>    of trying to get around the barricade (see message describing
>    offensive tactics).  If we strike a barricade head-on in a direct
>    collision, we shall turn 90degrees and continue travelling.  If

I forgot to mention how we choose whether to turn 90degrees to the
left or to turn 90degrees to the right.

For the first turn, we make our decision such that we move away from
the enemy.

For proceeding turns, we turn in the same direction (right or left)
repeatedly.  An exception to this is made if we have reason to believe
that such a choice would result in an imminent tag.  This belief would
only occur when we detect that turning in x direction (where x is left
or right) would result in us heading almost directly towards the
enemy.  In cases where we believe this, our strategy is not to turn at
all.  Rather, we hit the reverse switch on the motors and backup as
quickly as possible.  If we hit something while backing-up we use our
alrogithm described in point #6.  Note that if algorithm #6 dictates a
90degree right turn, then this right turn will actually be in the left
direction since we're going backwards.

Another possibility I didn't consider:

We may initially begin running away from an enemy, only to find that
moments later, the enemy appears to be approaching from the front!!
(Ie. it appears to have magically transported itself!).  In this case,
either the original or the new signal is a reflected signal.  Bring
our robot to a halt.  Determine wether new signal is approaching or
moving away.  Act appropriately as described in previous email, point
#3 and #4.

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