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Re: if you are going to supreme

On Tue, Feb 22, 2000 at 12:44:10PM -0500, Joyce Poon wrote:
> It would appear that the sensors are setting each other off.  Argh.  It
> would have been a better idea to turn the power supply to the sensors ON
> and OFF.

That will work provided you don't wire them together the way I drew
earlier today at the end of the thermo lecture.  Actually, it was
_exceedingly_ stupid of both of us not to have noticed that far earlier.
You only need one resistor, not eight.  Duh.

The way I drew it at the end of the thermo lecture simply has no
chance of working (which is what I said at the time, too :-).

I don't know how it's soldered, so I can't even guess at the amount of
work that would be involved in resoldering it.  This may actually be
the easiest solution...it is mostly foolproof.

The suggestion I made with the opamp should help too.  I don't
know how big the extra voltage supplying the opamp would need to be
for it to work completely, however.  The ECG book probably tells you
how much current one opamp can supply.  Divide that number by two...

Other than adding (MANY!) more battery packs in parallel, I can think
of no other easy solutions.

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