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Re: OP505s

On Sat, 19 Feb 2000, Tim Vanderhoek wrote:

> I may have damaged the 6522 chip, though.  I'm still waiting for
> Malone to confirm hardware modifications I proposed that should make
> the 6522 interrupts work with the monitor program (they normally
> damage 6522 chips without the modification I proposed).

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that Active Surplus does not have any 6522.
I asked last time I went there.

> I also have 8 new rolls of extra-strong King peppermints, if you want
> any.  ;-)

No thank you.

> I'd like to have a chat with you sometime during the weekend.  Not to
> talk design.  :)  Just for lunch.  I have to bitch about this new Marriot
> manager --- she was up to her usual tricks this supper...  The rest of
> the folks in my house are getting tired of me complain about her.  :)

I dunno if I'll be around much.  I might be heading home later.  There are
things at home that I must tend to.

> Oh, Joyce, you're no fun!  I don't think you appreciate how devilish I
> can be, yet.  :) :) :)  You will, you will....  :-) :-)
> I have a feeling you're right about both of them evaluating, though.


Joyce :)

PS I believe that I'm quite done with all the circuitry.  However, the
range of the IR sensor is rather pathetic @ circa 3ft (I tested in the
dark with 2 OP505s).  I think I might try changing the cap on the IR
emitter so that it emits at a higher frequency.  Maybe 2kHz is too close
to the cutoff frequency of circa 1kHz.  But I think I'll do that on Mon.