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Re: OP505s

On Fri, Feb 18, 2000 at 10:05:50PM -0500, Joyce Poon wrote:
> will be done.  So even though we didn't integrate, I'll have to say that I
> did get enough done during this week.

You're reading into what I said.  My fault for accidentally writing
something that could be read-into, but suffice it to say that you're
reading something I didn't mean to write.  Ok?  :)

> No more design on the weekend.  Too much... argh.

That's fine.  FWIW (Yes, That Word Again :), the monitor program worked
flawlessly when I tried it connected to my computer.  This was pretty
good --- if it hadn't, I would have had a difficult time debugging it
without access to the lab.

It's interesting that it's the most complicated piece of code I've
tried on the actual 6502 so far, and, unlike the simpler demos, it
worked first time...

The demo I tried running with the monitor, of course, had a bug.  The
demo was several orders of magnitude simpler than the work I'd had to
do to make the monitor work.  I couldn't even simulate the monitor to
test it, but the demo I could.  Yet were was the bug?

I may have damaged the 6522 chip, though.  I'm still waiting for
Malone to confirm hardware modifications I proposed that should make
the 6522 interrupts work with the monitor program (they normally
damage 6522 chips without the modification I proposed).

My parents just dropped-off the batteries and computer and peppermints
and what-not.  I have 90-odd AA cells in my room if you need any.  :)
I had an interesting (and long) conversation with them.  They
were more supportive than I'd expected of the possibility of me taking
the aero option.  Hmm...

I also have 8 new rolls of extra-strong King peppermints, if you want
any.  ;-)

I'd like to have a chat with you sometime during the weekend.  Not to
talk design.  :)  Just for lunch.  I have to bitch about this new Marriot
manager --- she was up to her usual tricks this supper...  The rest of
the folks in my house are getting tired of me complain about her.  :)

> > I am so glad we are being mid-term evaluated by TAs and not by Malone.
> > Being evaluated by Malone would be hellish. 
> This might not be entirely true.  I believe that the evaluation is
> conducted by Malone & the TA.  I think both of them evaluate.  Please do
> not be defensive nor offensive during evaluation.  Please....

Oh, Joyce, you're no fun!  I don't think you appreciate how devilish I
can be, yet.  :) :) :)  You will, you will....  :-) :-)

I have a feeling you're right about both of them evaluating, though.

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