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Re: OP505s

On Fri, 18 Feb 2000, Tim Vanderhoek wrote:

> that off, either.  We just didn't get enough done during reading week.
> <sigh>  I feel so defeated for so many reasons.

Um... I don't know about you, but I've worked REALLY hard all reading
week.  I've done NOTHING but design.  I stay up till 3am soldering and I
get  circa 6 hrs of sleep.  If I work hard tonight almost everything
will be done.  So even though we didn't integrate, I'll have to say that I
did get enough done during this week.

> If our evaluation is on Thursday and not Monday, we would probably
> have time to put together some very simple demos that connect eg. the
> sensors to the comp board and let the comp board switch between
> sensors and maybe light an led whenever it detects something.  That
> would be a decently cool demo --- I get an XT computer tonight from my
> parents (unless the snowstorm is extraordinarly (sp?) bad).  I can
> work with you on getting a simple demo of this type done.  Writing the
> code would take maybe 15 minutes.  Talk to me the sooner the better if
> you want to try this.  It would look good for the TA.

No more design on the weekend.  Too much... argh.

> I am so glad we are being mid-term evaluated by TAs and not by Malone.
> Being evaluated by Malone would be hellish. 

This might not be entirely true.  I believe that the evaluation is
conducted by Malone & the TA.  I think both of them evaluate.  Please do
not be defensive nor offensive during evaluation.  Please....

Joyce :)