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I'm crying right about now.

You know how we thought the motors may not be enough to drive our robot?
Guess again.  I'll have to rework the motor placement, but it'll drive the
robot.  I think I'll have to put the motor up on a higher level because it
seems to work better that way.  I'd have to cut a really big slot for the
belt if I want it on the same level.

Now, what am I crying about?  Well, the nice little pulley I have attached
to the motor was cut off by the belt because the motor was so strong.
And, after several trials (of course, this was after the pulley had been
chewed off and I'm placing the belt on the metal shaft directly from the
motor), the belt snapped.  This is not good.  Over heating is definitely a
problem.  I really hope that we won't be giving our motor 12 volts all the

I'll have to go to Canadian Tire early tomorrow to look for a new set
screw attachment for the motor.  I'll go to Active later for the belt.
Tim, I may need some help to finish everything on time.  =(

Unhappy girl.