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Re: Sensor circuit

On Sun, Feb 13, 2000 at 10:46:14AM -0500, Joyce Poon wrote:
> Sorry for not replying.  I didn't (want to) check my email for the last
> couple of days.

No problem.  I had guessed that.  :)  The last(1) command does
wonders.  :)

> I really just want to solder this up and move on.  the range we have now
> is good enough.  If the range is super long, we could  pick up
> signals that origninate from outside the play area (ie another grp may
> have their beacon on when they are not in competition).  

Although that would be a nasty trick, I don't really think we have to
worry about that.  :-)  It would screw-over too many groups --- we
won't be the only one with >1m sensor range.

> I will be soldering after lunch today.  I am behind as it is.  I REALLY
> want to just get this part over with, add the relays, finish the
> optoswitches and microswitches.  I have a nasty feeling that my motor

Well, what I want to do is simply try a bigger resistor.  That's not
hard to do after it's soldered, however.  We may need to add a small
transistor to reset the peak rectifier when the current sensor is
switched via the relays.  This isn't hard to do even after soldering
the circuit together.

The test we just performed now in your room satisfies my one other worry
about whether the relay switches will work.

>                                            I hope a meeting with you will
> not cause my workload to suddenly triple or cause me to fall further
> behind schedule.

Joyce, when has a meeting with me ever caused your workload to
suddenly triple!

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