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Re: Motors, Lab, etc.

On Sun, Jan 23, 2000 at 09:52:06AM -0500, Cindy Wong wrote:
> After reading Malone's e-mail, should we consider getting completely
> different motors all together?  I don't know the motor's rpm right now.
> However, 
> 1)	we DO have fairly large wheels (compared to the ones Malone talks
> 	about)

Aie.  How about we evaluate the actual functionality of this motor
before going and buying yet another motor with unknown suitability.

Don't forget that the computer can make the motor run very slowly
through appropriate control...

I think 15V is a safe voltage to apply to our motor if torque is a
problem.  15V should (theoretically!!) result in a 25% torque increase.
This puppy has decent torque already.  Our little boy can do some
serious shaft work.

> 2)	our robot might be fairly heavy (I'm suggesting this because of
> 	the thickness of Lexan he referred to compared to the one we have) 

As soon as you are in simultaneous contact with a weigh scale and
with appropriate robot parts, weigh the following:

	1) the motor
	2) the Lexan base
	3) the weight of a hunk of Lexan of known area: this may
	   correspond to the Lexan base
	4) the weight of say 10 AA batteries

> As for the lab, I take it we're going to our primary one?

My preference.  It is _our_ primary, so if it is too full, we should
get priority over other groups, anyways...

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