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Re: Motors, Lab, etc.

> > 1)	we DO have fairly large wheels (compared to the ones Malone talks
> > 	about)
> Aie.  How about we evaluate the actual functionality of this motor
> before going and buying yet another motor with unknown suitability.

Yeah, that's my preference too.  I don't think I want to spend another
chunk of money on motors before I'm sure those are the ones we want.

Side note:  I predict a spending of about $200-$300 on our robot.
Actually, the -$300 was cause I'm not sure how much the chips and
everything cost and the amount of batteries we actually need.  =P

> Don't forget that the computer can make the motor run very slowly
> through appropriate control...
> I think 15V is a safe voltage to apply to our motor if torque is a
> problem.  15V should (theoretically!!) result in a 25% torque increase.
> This puppy has decent torque already.  Our little boy can do some
> serious shaft work.

The serious shaft work is also what I'm afraid of at the other end of the
spectrum.  How much gearing would be required?

> 	2) the Lexan base

The Lexan base is approximately 3 lbs.

> 	4) the weight of say 10 AA batteries

Most AA batteries are about 22 to 23 grams.  So, say 230 grams.

> My preference.  It is _our_ primary, so if it is too full, we should
> get priority over other groups, anyways...